Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child


The purpose of the monk sponsorship is to financially support the expenses of the monks while they live in the monastery under the care of Lama Tulku Tsori Rinpoche.

The sponsorship donations pay for the food, housing, clothing, shoes, study materials, teachers, medical care, vaccines, and other basic necessities for the children to be able to pursue their practice and dedicate their lives to serving others.

The Sponsorship money is used to support all the monks equally. Your contributions are their only source of income to be able to remain in the monastery.

Supporting the monk Sangha in these times sends tremendous blessings to a very weary world. To support the monastic community is to plant seeds of enlightenment for countless beings.

Act 4 Tibet offers 3 sponsorships to give everyone a chance to help support the monks according to our own financial abilities.


Every bit of help counts.