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ACT – Assist the Children of Tibet

Monks to Sponsor in 2018

Act 4 Tibet is very happy to present the monks to sponsor in 2018.



Tsori Dhonga Chokhor Ling College

Tsori Dhonga Chokhor Ling College

Tsori Dhonga Chokhor Ling College - Act 4 Tibet
Tsori Dhonga Chokhor Ling College – Act 4 Tibet

Tsori Dhonga Chokhor Ling Buddhist College opened at the Monastery in India in 2014.
Upon completion of 9 years of study at this Shedra, or Buddhist College, Tulku’s students may obtain their Khenpo degrees and become teachers of Buddhist Philosophy.

Tsori Dhonga Chokhor Ling College - Act 4 Tibet
Tsori Dhonga Chokhor Ling College – Act 4 Tibet

Rinpoche has offered to Shedra Monastery the golden statue of Jam Peyang (Manju Shri) the wisdom Buddha statue of 4″ inches that is around 700 years old.

The old dark copper statue is 9″ inches, Chagna Dorje Wich is (Vajra Pani) which is around 600 years old.

Tsori Dhonga Chokhor Ling College - Act 4 Tibet
Tsori Dhonga Chokhor Ling College – Act 4 Tibet

For the main Tsori Monastery to be able to remove all the obstacles, these two statues are priceless gifts for our Tsori Monastery monks.

You are supporting us to be able preserve our culture and tradition of being Tibetan. When our first Bach monks will finish their study after nine years of Shedra college, they will become the first teachers as a Khenpo from Tsori Monastery and they will benefit many mother beings.

We dedicate our merits to all the benefactors and Friends and all beings.

Thank you all.


Dear Act 4 Tibet Sponsors,

Thank you for your help and support for this monastery, school, orphanage and hospital project for the unfortunate children and for providing their daily bread, and for supporting the Tibetan refugee camp in Mainpat, India.

Please, practice unconditional loving kindness and compassion.

~ Lama Tulku Tsori Rinpoche

A message to all the supporters of Act 4 Tibet from Lama Tulku Tsori Rinpoche.

About Mainpat

Mainpat India
Mainpat India

The Mainpat Tibetan Refugee Camp was established in 1962 by the Government of India in order to rehabilitate more than a thousand Tibetan refugees who fled from Tibet during the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959.

All the necessary arrangements such as temporary huts and ration supplies could not be made prior to the arrival of the settlers who faced a lot of initial hardships.

Lama Tulku Tsori Rinpoche has begun the construction of a large project which includes a Monastery, an orphanage, a school, a university and a hospital.

Mainpat was nothing more than a jungle where only a few local Indians dared to live. It was a beautiful landscape in a very isolated place.

Appropriate gifts

gifts2monksGiving small gifts is acceptable and greatly appreciated. The monks enjoy toys, books, clothing, shoes, school material, blankets, and personal items.

However, expensive gifts like DVD players, computers, play stations, expensive clothing, large amounts of money (over $100), complex electronic devices, cellular phones, etc. are not good gifts and should not be sent to the monastery. Any gift that might distract them from their studies and duties and monastic vows are inappropriate. Please be mindful of this as you prepare to send a gift. You may send small amounts of spending money, but it is best not to make it a habit as the monastery takes care of all their personal needs.


Meaning of Sponsorship

Your support of a monk is like dropping a stone in calm water. The ripple effect is exponential. Through your generosity a monk is able to enter and stay in the monastery. When you support a monk you not only create good karma for yourself but you now have support from a monk and a direct link with the community and the monastery. Think about it this way, you will have a part of you in the monastery.